Our Essential Email Playbook for Beauty Subscriptions Looking to Prevent Churn

The beauty industry has benefited greatly from adding subscriptions to the mix. Ipsy, Birchbox, and the like solved the age-old problem of being hesitant to try new beauty and skincare products with their curated boxes. 

And brands like Kopari Beauty are able to anticipate and prepare for customers’ needs with replenishment subscription options. 

But as a beauty brand that offers replenishment subscriptions or curates monthly subscription boxes, your business depends on recurring revenue from your subscribers. 

This makes churn one of the most important, if not the most important, metrics to measure and act around. 

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The Ping Pong Method: The Back and Forth of Customer Service

Imagine this.

You’re down in your friend’s basement. You’ve spelt out P-I-N-G over the net and decided who serves. You and your best bud get a three-minute volley going that neither one of you wants to end. He hits a wicked curveball, but you miraculously dive to the right corner of the table to keep the ball in play.

This kind of back and forth goes on for hours, each one of you forcing the other to adapt and respond to new spins and hits. 

This is how we think about customer service. 

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How to Improve the Customer Experience with Customer Feedback

Customer feedback does more than provide customers with a place to share their praise and frustrations — it drives marketing decisions. Thanks to the customer feedback process, brands can make site improvements and optimize marketing copy based on insights garnered directly from customers.

There are a number of ways to obtain feedback, and even more ways to use it to better the customer experience.

We’ll go over some of the easiest places to look for customer feedback, as well as how and where you can make adjustments to apply this feedback and answer customer questions before they have the chance to ask them.

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Why Managing Your Customer Service In-House is Better for Your Ecommerce Business

Customer service is something an ecommerce brand cannot overlook. It’s an essential component of maintaining relationships with customers and improving the customer experience. 

But for many new ecommerce brands — and existing ones, for that matter — customer service gets forgotten as growth and scaling new customers takes precedence. 

There’s also an overwhelming amount of options for managing customer service. Outsourcing is an easy and cost-effective solution for newer brands where resources are tight. But keeping your service team in-house means you have brand experts ready to handle any problem.

We’ll break down these two common customer service solutions for ecommerce brands and discuss why an outsourced team is fine for growth-stage ecommerce businesses, but how in-house teams are better for long-term success. 

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The Shifting Consumer Mindset: Why Home Goods Will Continue to Grow Following the Pandemic

It’s no surprise that ecommerce sales have increased in certain categories since the coronavirus pandemic swept across the country. 

As people spend more time inside their homes, the home goods industry especially has flourished. Home furnishings are essential as new home workers adapt their living space into their working space. And products that add a sense of coziness and peace at home are crucial to easing anxiety while stuck inside.

But as businesses around the country begin to open back up, it raises the question: Will home goods continue to be a strong ecommerce category once we’re not at home all the time? 

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Leveraging Transactional Emails for a Better Customer Experience

Email marketing is essential for most ecommerce and direct-to-consumer businesses. A healthy email marketing strategy includes targeted campaigns, promotional emails, newsletters, and automated flows.

But one of the most vital pieces of email marketing is often-overlooked: transactional emails. Transactional emails serve as one of the first touch points of customer service, and play a critical role in maintaining a positive relationship with customers.

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Google Shopping Free Listings and What They Mean for Marketers

Google recently announced in a blog post by President of Commerce Bill Ready that it would be bringing back free placements for Google Shopping on April 27th. This decision will change the way digital marketers function, and is likely to reshape the strategies of a number of search marketers.

Google explained that getting started with free placements will be easy and even automated for some. Marketers who opted in to “surfaces across Google” will be seamlessly integrated into the free placement launch. Those who did not will need to do so in order to be eligible for free placements. 

A more structured on-boarding process is expected in the coming months for companies that are new to Google Shopping.  

With the shift to free listings, it’s easy to assume that spending less on paid Shopping is a logical way to save on marketing spend. But spending on Google Shopping is still a wise investment, and optimizing your Merchant Center feed is more important than ever. 

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The Ins and Outs of Multi-Language Implementation

In an increasingly globalized world of ecommerce, investing in multilingual pages only enhances the customer experience for your international consumers. 

Multi-language functionality is essential if your site already sees traffic from multiple countries. It’s also something you’ll want to consider if you’re looking to increase your international visibility and sales.

Translated content is full of SEO-rich keywords that improve your site’s organic search rankings when global users search in their preferred languages. And global visitors who can easily read your website are more likely to convert. 

Making your content available in new languages will attract new customers, grow your website traffic, and ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate. 

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Is Self-Care the Answer to Keeping Calm During Quarantine?

The coronavirus pandemic has increased anxiety and depression around the world. 

Fears are high as people worry about contracting the virus. People are feeling lonelier than ever. And social distancing has removed the social interaction we need to feel normal.

But the beauty industry has emerged as an unlikely source of support to ease fears with its focus on self-care. 

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Immune-Boosting Products Thrive During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Public health and safety are top of mind for most as we enter another month of social distancing. 

The Centers for Disease Control now recommends all people wear face masks when leaving their house, public parks and trails have been shut down, and businesses continue to struggle as storefronts and warehouses are forced to close. 

But for some, there’s a glimmer of hope of staying healthy throughout the spring with the help of immune-boosting products. 

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