Make Business Personal: The Power of Personalization for Beauty Subscriptions

The relationship a person has with a beauty brand is inherently personal.

Every person has a beauty routine that is unique to them. It is specific to their needs. Their struggles. How they look. And how they want to look.

The stakes are high for every product they buy, because our faces are constantly on display. Beauty consumers want to find products and brands they can trust to fulfill their needs.

Beauty products are also perfect for subscriptions because they’re consumable products, specific to an individual’s needs, that they’ll need over and over. 

But people want more than just a good product and convenience from a subscription beauty brand.

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Upgrade Your Reports With Data Studio

Reporting on the recommendations and campaigns we put into action is a large part of servicing clients. 

We’ve streamlined our reporting by switching to Google Data Studio and building customized dashboards for our clients.

Google Data Studio saves us time on gathering data and allows us to pull out actionable insights for our clients. 

Here’s how.

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