How to Improve the Customer Experience with Customer Feedback

Customer feedback does more than provide customers with a place to share their praise and frustrations — it drives marketing decisions. Thanks to the customer feedback process, brands can make site improvements and optimize marketing copy based on insights garnered directly from customers.

There are a number of ways to obtain feedback, and even more ways to use it to better the customer experience.

We’ll go over some of the easiest places to look for customer feedback, as well as how and where you can make adjustments to apply this feedback and answer customer questions before they have the chance to ask them.

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Google Shopping Free Listings and What They Mean for Marketers

Google recently announced in a blog post by President of Commerce Bill Ready that it would be bringing back free placements for Google Shopping on April 27th. This decision will change the way digital marketers function, and is likely to reshape the strategies of a number of search marketers.

Google explained that getting started with free placements will be easy and even automated for some. Marketers who opted in to “surfaces across Google” will be seamlessly integrated into the free placement launch. Those who did not will need to do so in order to be eligible for free placements. 

A more structured on-boarding process is expected in the coming months for companies that are new to Google Shopping.  

With the shift to free listings, it’s easy to assume that spending less on paid Shopping is a logical way to save on marketing spend. But spending on Google Shopping is still a wise investment, and optimizing your Merchant Center feed is more important than ever. 

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